Create Shogi Diagram on the Web


Initialize to handicapped games (or mate problem): Input SFEN StringThe inputted SFEN string is invalid syntax.

vs diagram SFEN:

Black Name: (*not required)
White Name: (*not required)
Title: (*not required)
Last Move: Square (Example:76 84 *not required)
Move At: (*If blank, will not show on Diagram)
Which to move: Black White Do not display

Paste on your blog:
Paste the tag below on your blog contents.

Paste on BBS:
Display a text diagram format same as Kifu for Windows.

Or Download Image(Right click to save)

How to use

Left Click: Select/move a piece. If any piece already exists at the destination square, swap pieces or capture the piece to the player.
Right Click: Change a piece type (Black piece -> Black promoted piece -> white piece ->white promoted piece)

System environment (Browser)

IE9, Firefox(6,7), Google Chrome, Opera11, Safar5.1, (iPhone Safari) or higher
Your OS doesn't care.(maybe)

Feedback and bug report

Please, mention to @shibacho2 on Twitter with your environment.